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Technology conquering the world of cleaning!

It’s no big news that technology has crept into all corners of the world! It has become part and parcel of anyone living in the 21st century. From mobile phones to holographic video calls, from aeroplanes to self-driven cars and much much more! 

Well, what about cleaning? Has it conquered the cleaning world too? Let’s find out!

This article will take you on a journey around a few of the new innovations and technologies of the cleaning world.

  • Electrostatic spray technology 
  • UV technology and robotics
  • Drones
  • Self-cleaning surfaces
  • Unclogging toilet paper
  • Green cleaning

Electrostatic technology for sanitizing and disinfecting!

COVID 19 has made us all more cautious and vigilant about sanitizing and cleaning. Have you heard of Electrostatic spray technology? This new innovation enables users to apply cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants in a better and safer way. It converts the cleaning liquids and sanitizers into electrostatically charged droplets that repel each other, giving an even layer on the surface and also helps with corners that are hard to reach manually.

UV tech for cleaning and robotics

Electrostatic spray technology is not the only new COVID 19 cleaning innovation. UV-based technology is also an up and coming hot topic in the cleaning world which has also been used in the past. Now, fully functioning cleaning robots are in the mix as well! These can be used to clean airports, hospitals and much more using UV technology. They can disinfect an operating theater in under 12 minutes!!


You probably know that drones are widely used in aerial surveillance and even in capturing that perfect scenery in photography/ videography. But did you know that drones were adapted for cleaning as well?  It is an existing technology that has been tweaked for disinfection purposes. It has been used for spraying disinfectants especially in large areas like airports, arenas and stadiums!

Self-cleaning surfaces!

This sounds too good to be true, right? But believe it or not, this is a recently developed technology that when used on surfaces can puncture viruses and kill them, through small spike-like particles. Similarly, there are other innovations such as coatings that can be applied which would kill microbes when light falls on it.

Toilet paper to unclog!

Here’s an interesting one! This new technology has taken the very thing that may cause toilet clogging, to actually help unclog it! It is bioactive toilet paper that would clean up your bathroom’s pipes. This special toilet paper will degrade organic material and leave your pipes clean and without unpleasant odors. They don’t cause skin irritation or infection so it’s safe for humans as well!

Green cleaning

Going green is a concept that has crept into the cleaning world as well many moons back. This article would have been incomplete if it goes unmentioned. Green cleaning is on the rise with many cleaning companies switching to eco-friendly cleaning equipment and products. Recycling or CSR projects targeted to help the environment may be other ways that a cleaning company takes forward its green initiatives. Being green is for everyone!

Some of these innovations might have gotten your interest peaked. There are many more innovations out there that are designed to make our cleaning lives easier.

The cleaning industry is evolving day by day. Especially now more than ever, when cleaning is not just a luxury but it’s a priority and an absolute necessity! 

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