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Protecting Sri Lanka’s environment through waste management

Due to its extremely high population density, waste management has become a critical issue in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, in this country, inadequate waste management practices have led to serious environmental issues and health problems for people living nearby. As a company that is committed to environmental protection, Carekleen would like to inform readers on the steps that they can take to minimize pollution and ensure that the natural beauty of this country is passed on to future generations untarnished.

Unfortunately, a major part of the environmental pollution in Sri Lanka is the result of the thoughtless and selfish actions of a number of people. From throwing garbage onto the street to leaving plastic and other harmful material in sensitive areas, many people have become habituated to contributing to pollution in their daily lives. It is common to see people throwing garbage from moving vehicles and dumping trash into rivers and seas. Pollution on a much larger scale also takes place due to the callous actions of some corporations that dump sewage and waste into rivers and the open sea. The unethical actions of these people has had a catastrophic effect on many sensitive areas of this country. It is the duty of all responsible citizens to refrain from dumping garbage into waterways and throwing trash on to roads.

Poor waste management practices have also contributed to deforestation, with trees begin cut down to create clearings for garbage. Vacant land lots have also become improvised dumping grounds. This has become a contributory factor to the spread of dengue and other diseases, gravely affecting families that live in close proximity to these sites. By not disposing of garbage in unauthorized areas or throwing trash into vacant land, we can all play a vital role in reducing pollution.

Water is a precious resource in Sri Lanka, with many people using streams and rivers to bathe, wash clothes and collect drinking water. Consequently, the release of sewage and waste to the waterways of this country has had a major impact on the health and wellbeing of the population. While many people have developed serious health issues as a result of water pollution, it has also affected the fish and living organisms that live in the rivers and sea

Air pollution has also become a serious problem, with many people burning garbage and waste in their back yard. The large levels of smoke and gases that are released can be very harmful, particularly in urban centers where there are people living nearby. Be considerate of other people and ensure that no one is affected when burning garbage. Ultimately, it is the duty of everyone to realize that their thoughtless actions are damaging the lives and livelihoods of all who live here. As a company that is dedicated to maintaining a clean environment, Carekleen would like to encourage people to take responsibility for their surroundings and follow eco-friendly measures to create and maintain a clean environment.

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