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Pre‐cycling: the Modern Solution!


The world keeps moving forward by the day. From technology to lifestyle, every day brings new changes to all of us. With these changes, come new challenges for us to overcome. One such challenge that has plagued mankind in modern times is that of waste disposal. ‘Reduce, reuse, and recycle’ has become a household phrase, but is it time to look beyond? Let us explore solutions!

  • What is Pre‐cycling?
  • Why is Pre‐cycling necessary?
  • Pre‐cycling vs. Recycling: an overview!
  • How to Pre‐cycle?

What is Pre‐cycling?

What is Precycling?

Pre-cycling could be defined simply as the process of eliminating the necessity to dispose or recycle waste by consciously making efforts to not produce waste in the first place. It includes reducing and reusing pre-existing materials so that waste is not produced. With less production, the need for recycling or disposal quantitatively reduces, paving the way for a greener environment.

Why is Pre‐cycling necessary?

Millions of tons of waste are created every day around the globe. Some of it is recycled, but most of it goes to landfills, aquatic environments, and other disposal sites. With modern polythene and plastic consumption proving to be fatal for the environment, these wastes accumulate, causing harm to the world’s ecosystems. A solution for the world’s waste crisis is imminent. Without an immediate, sustainable solution, the world could cease to be a suitable place for human life in the not-so-distant future.

Pre‐cycling vs. Recycling: an overview!

Recycling is a better alternative to disposal, but it still has its drawback. A lot of physical labour, mechanical effort, a variety of processes, and a large amount of energy expenditure is needed for recycling, all of which can be avoided if the waste is not produced in the first place. The emergence of pre-cycling as a more efficient alternative comes amidst this background.

Experts believe that the more sustainable and energy-efficient way of waste management would be to refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recondition and remanufacture which are all parts of the process of pre-cycling. It would hence be fair to say that recycling has gradually been replaced by pre-cycling as the preferred strategy.

How to Pre‐cycle?

With all the discussion on pre-cycling coming to the fore, we often wonder if it is a bit too big for us to accomplish alone. Worry not! If all of us, as individuals, do small changes in our lifestyles, the total effect on mother Earth will be huge. So, let us look at a few things we could change!

  • Shop Green!
    • Bring your own bags and bottles to the store
    • Buy in bulks to reduce packaging materials
    • Opt for products that come with less packaging inherently
    • Say NO to plastics, Styrofoam, and polythene anywhere, anytime
  • Select products thoughtfully!
    • Go for non processed food items
    • Buy recycled products ‐ the satisfaction is priceless
    • Purchase rechargeable and reusable products instead of disposable ones
    • ‘Long life’ and ‘concentrated’ products over their counterparts any day
    • Read and review your ingredients and chemicals before purchasing a product
  • New habits and attitudes!
    • Your personal lunch box, thermos flask, water bottle, and whatnot: are better than those bought for single-use
    • Do a bit of home gardening ‐ it is fun
    • Begin composting at home
    • Switch from printed receipts to e‐receipts
    • Try using second-hand items
    • Keep learning ‐ there is no end for knowledge

We could be the eco‐warriors the world needs right now. Join the green revolution by CareKleen. Let your small contributions towards our beautiful planet speak out louder than your words!

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