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Homes bring us comfort and relaxation. A clean, organized and tidy home is aesthetically pleasing, high in productivity and full of happiness. In a fast-paced world that demands efficiency, cleaning our homes has never been more important. CareKleen Cares! That is why, we at CareKleen, have always strived hard to fulfil your cleaning needs day in day out. With the knowledge that home and apartment cleaning has become an integral part of your regular schedules, we have been providing the highest standards of home cleaning services to ensure that your homes look neat, bright and shiny. What do we do? Let us take a small journey around your homes!
The floor of your residency is where you and your loved ones spend most of your casual times. Whatever floor you have, cleaning them regularly – be it sweeping or vacuuming – is a necessity. In the current world though, disinfection and sanitization are also important to ensure that your homes are hygienic and safe. Chemicals used and techniques of cleaning differ according to the types of floors: wooden, cement, tiles or otherwise. Hence, CareKleen assesses plans and ultimately employs the finest cleaners with the most suitable products to deep clean, sanitize and disinfect your floors.
While floors are comparatively easier, carpets are far harder to maintain. Scrubbing stains on carpets only make the stain worse. While many life hacks talk about carpet cleaning, unfortunately, most of them never work. Special dirt on carpets could be of many types: dried chewing gum, grease stains, hardened wax or even food and bloodstains, all of which need different mechanisms employed to be cleaned and removed. With our ultra-efficient cleaning techniques and technology, we ensure that your carpets are restored to their glory!
With sofas, chairs, coffee tables, rugs and side tables, your living rooms are usually the centre of attraction. Wooden chairs and tables may not require a lot of effort in cleaning, but cleaning sofas is no easy task. From dusting and dirt removal to disinfecting and polishing them up, a large process is needed to make your sofas look as majestic as they were meant to be. CareKleen employs the most suitable products with utmost precision to clean your sofas, while we also arrange your living rooms in ways that make your residencies feel welcoming, warm and comfortable.
Kitchens usually become wet, dirty and messy soon. While cleaning can usually be done fast, the depth of cleaning is mostly inadequate. In a pandemic lifestyle, the hygiene of your kitchen is as important as anything else, and that is why disinfection, sanitization and deep cleaning of your kitchens are our responsibility to keep you and your loved ones safe!
Washrooms and toilets, especially in clean and tidy homes, are usually the hotspot for germs. While we see wetness and dirt, what we do not see are the microorganisms that lie around. A sparkling set of taps and showers, ultra-clean tubs and commodes and a spotless floor will complete your homes to perfection. Thorough cleaning, deep sanitization and disinfection are all essential elements for a clean and hygienic washroom for your apartments and homes.
With CareKleen, you will never have the trouble of figuring out when and how to clean anymore. We are at your disposal to do what makes your home look, smell and feel great. With state of the art technology, experienced cleaners, eco-friendly products, flexible time schedules and affordable prices, cleaning, disinfection and sanitization services have never been closer to you. Join hands with CareKleen to feel the difference.

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