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Look for the positives during this pandemic

The pandemic has changed our lives in an unimaginable way. The whole world has entered a new normal that has become the norm. With activities happening online and family members spending more time at home new and different opportunities have come to light. Let’s look at a few ways you can stay positive and spend your time and resources with value.

• Office work vs home activities

• Quality time with the family

• Being financially responsible

*Work from home? WORK from home!*

Almost all the working crowd had to adapt to working from home in the past year. There are many positive aspects of being at home with the family, having more time to do housework, saving time and money on transportation, etc. But like all things, there are some drawbacks to this setup as well. Let us take a look at some of them.

The home environment is not the same as the working environment. The focus and concentration given to work may get displaced to things happening at home. Members at home may even be more demanding of you since you are at home the whole day. The easy communication channels that were set up in the office with the co-workers will not be available when working from home. There may even be network issues that might hinder the productivity of work.

How can you overcome at least a few of these issues? You can start off by creating a designated office workspace at home. It can be a simple table, set up with all your work material in one place. Stick to a routine. Set fixed times for work-related activities and inform family members of their importance.

A designated office workspace at home

Family time!

As the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. And this one is right within your grasp! What better way to get to know your family and connect with them on deeper levels than spending quality time with them. Engage with your family members. Do chores together. Teach your kids new things. Talk with your grandparents, learn about their experiences in the olden days! Mend any severed relationships.

Have family mealtimes and family fun nights at home. Kids especially may be missing their friends. This is the best opportunity to reach out to them and be their confidante and friend. Set apart time in your routine specifically to spend with the family after office work. Focus on the positives and get through the tough times together as a family. If not anything else, the pandemic certainly gave us the gift of time. Be sure to make use of this silver lining.

Be financially responsible

It is no secret that the pandemic brought financially tough times to most of us. This is the best time to practice good financial practices and be economical as a person as well as a family. Start off by cutting down unnecessary expenses. With all the activities happening online it’s certainly tempting to buy things through online platforms. 

Unlike physically paying with cash, sometimes you might not realize how much money had been spent on online shopping. With things being accessible with just a click, most of us are guilty of purchasing things that are not quite necessary. As a practice, think twice or even thrice before purchasing. The question of whether it’s absolutely essential. Avoid dipping into your savings unnecessarily. Try to save more and spend less. Set aside some savings for emergencies. You never know what the future holds so it’s always safe to be prepared.

Finally, take care when investing and also when purchasing online. There are many scams and pyramid schemes happening online. Research and make sure it’s a trusted and well-known source before committing your hard-earned money.

These are a few tips to be positive during the pandemic. A positive mindset will help you adapt to the ‘new’ normal and make it your everyday normal. 

Let’s ride out the tough times with a positive attitude and create opportunities from adversity. Carekleen will always be with you!

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