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How to deep-clean your house.


While most people regularly clean their house or apartment, the reality is that it doesn’t prevent a deep layer of grime and dirt from forming in places that are hard to reach. Regular cleaning such as sweeping and mopping the floor, cleaning bathrooms and wiping kitchen surfaces don’t deal with the residue that builds up behind kitchen appliances such as microwaves and gas cookers, on the surfaces of windows and curtains, under the sink, on bathroom tiles, taps, showerheads and other nooks and crannies.  To deal with these, you need to deep clean your home at once in three months.

Besides making your home look good, a deep clean will keep things spotless and prevent the buildup of germs and mold. A deep clean is usually a requirement before and after a tenancy but is equally valuable if you own a home, giving you the satisfaction of having a sparkling abode. If you are planning to deep clean on your own, make sure that you first have all the tools for the job. These include a vacuum cleaner, baking soda, soap, distilled vinegar, gloves, micro-fibre cloths, mop, multi-purpose cleaner, scrub pad, stiff-bristled brush, glass cleaner and wood cleaner. Having all the right items will make cleaning your home much easier.

Deep cleaning your home can seem a daunting challenge. Don’t think you can accomplish it in a day. Create a schedule where you can deal with the different rooms in your house over a number of days in order to make the process manageable. Cleaning in a systematic manner will make your task easier. Go from top to bottom and from left to right. This will save you from seeing the dust for your newly cleaned window settling on your table after you have cleaned it. Cleaning from left to right will ensure that you don’t miss any places and stops dirt from settling on things that you have finished cleaning.

Removing excess clutter will make your task easier. Make sure that you dust and vacuum hard to reach corners and ledges, windows and windowsills, doors, light fittings and the tops of cupboards. Remove cobwebs and wipe down ceiling fans, being careful if you have to use a step-ladder. Use vinegar to descale faucets and showerheads, and spot clean carpets and upholstery with your carpet stain remover. Remove and wash your curtains either in your washing machine or at a laundry.

If that sounds like an arduous task, consider contacting Carekleen to give a pristine deep clean to your home. The specialized equipment and cleaning materials used by Carekleen will keep your home sparkling like new while saving you the hassle of having to do it yourself.

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