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House Cleaning at a Glance

A clean house is anyone’s dream. Be it coming home from work to an untidy mess or staying around in a disorganized environment, a house which isn’t clean is definitely stress inducing. So, here are some tips to help you clean your homes effectively.

Floor Cleaning

The floor of your homes needs protection and regular cleaning. The first step to a clean floor would be a doormat (welcome mat) at the entrance to prevent dirt coming into your homes. Whatever floor you have, cleaning them regularly is always a necessity. Be it sweeping or even vacuuming, regularly cleaning floors is where you should start. Wet mops work great to remove spills and stains on your floor while dry mops are a must on laminate floors. Natural vinegar solutions may help deodorize traditional mats, but on natural stone floors which are slowly becoming a trend in Sri Lanka, vinegar is a strict ‘no’ as it can cause discoloration.

While floors are comparatively easier, carpet stains can usually drive you crazy. Frist things first, never scrub stains on carpets. It only makes the stain worse. Spray plain soda to the stain or apply some shaving cream on it. Leave it for 15 – 30 minutes, after which you can wipe it off – the stain goes with it. Special dirt could be of many types: if you find dried chewing gum which may have come from your shoes into your homes, freeze it with ice cubes before removing mechanically; grease stains can be removed by dish washing soap; hardened wax, maybe from candles, is just reheated with a cloth and an electric iron while blood stains get hydrogen peroxide, a chemical you can buy and need to use carefully, to the rescue.

Regular Cleaning of Furniture

Furniture cleaning

With sofas, chairs, coffee tables, rugs and side tables, your living room usually attracts attention. To make it look great, start from a focal point (coffee table/television) and arrange furniture such that conversation among family members is a realistic possibility. Don’t forget traffic flow. Ensure that furniture is placed close together to create an intimate setting.

Keeping your bedrooms clean

Putting clothes away instead of leaving them hanging around is the way to start cleaning your bedroom. Keep your windows open and remember to wash your bed sheets at least every other week. Sweeping and mopping high traffic areas of your bedroom often is a must. A well-made bed and a non-musty mattress are great assets to a clean and beautiful bedroom.

Maintaining a clean and tidy kitchen space

Cleaning your kitchen can usually be done as fast as it becomes dirty. Keep your traditional stoves in check by regularly sweeping around them so as to avoid collection of dust and ash. Prevent gas cookers coming in contact with water or salt regularly. Salt may leave white spots on your gas cooker if you are not alert enough. When using your blender, make sure you blend with a bit of water and dish washing soap in the end to clean its contents out. A mixture of ice, salt and lemon cleans stains on your coffee pots, while salt alone helps clean your non-stick cast-iron pans.

Regular Bathroom Cleaning

If kitchens become dirty fast, so do bathrooms and toilets. Mouthwash and Cola can be placed in sinks and commodes for half an hour after which cleaning becomes easy. Shaving cream serves as a great glass cleaner while toothpaste scrubbing helps clear rust from metal taps and showers.

House cleaning is not hard. With the right tips, you can make your homes looks as spotless and clean as hotels and restaurants. Keep looking around for the best cleaning tips. We bring you house cleaning tips that will definitely make your life more comfortable. Stay with us for more similar topics.

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