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Energy-efficient practices for the home

As one of Sri Lanka’s leading professional cleaners, Carekleen is very concerned with environmental protection and maintaining a clean environment. A key component of environmental protection is, of course, proper energy conservation. With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you a guide to the best energy practices for the home.

One of the best ways you can conserve energy is by using semi-automatic washing machines. They are much better than fully automatic washing machines as they not only use less electricity and water, but wash clothes much faster as well.

Another important step to saving electricity is switching to CFL or LED bulbs. These bulbs have higher light outputs and much longer lifespans while having just one fifth of the power consumption of an incandescent bulb. Ensure that your refrigerator and air conditioners are sufficient for your needs, but not excessive as many people waste electricity by having appliances that are surplus to their requirements. Similarly, ensure that your store is efficiently managed. A 6-inch pan on an 8-inch burner will waste half the energy. Use a blue flame and both stoves at the same time for optimum operation.

In Sri Lanka, there is considerable water wastage in domestic environments. Conserving water can be as simple as remembering to turn the taps off and using water sparingly when bathing and washing dishes. A common source of water wastage is leaking taps, so remember to promptly attend to any leaks. As already mentioned, semi-automatic washing machines will use less water than automatic ones. If you’re cleaning your walkway, sweep the dust off first and then hose it down with water.

Protecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint involves proper waste management. Remember to segregate your waste material into different categories such as plastic, paper, food and the rest. Don’t throw away organic waste from your kitchen, but convert into fertilizer by combining it with fallen leaves, soil and water and letting it mix for a few weeks. This organic fertilizer is perfect for your plants and trees with a week’s leftover food being sufficient to compost a small garden. Use biodegradable bags made of fiber such as cotton, jute and hemp that require less energy to produce and don’t pollute the environment.

As a conscientious cleaning firm that is dedicated to the environmental wellbeing of the country, Carekleen is happy to provide information on making a cleaner, safer environment. Get in touch to get more information and, of course, for all your cleaning needs.

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