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Do factories need regular cleaning? That’s a big YES!

The factory is the heart of any manufacturing company. It is a busy area with many workers involved in different aspects of manufacturing, processing, packing, etc. Regular cleaning will create a healthy environment for the employees and improve productivity. Read the content below to get a better idea on,

  • Why it is needed
  • The pros of regular factory cleaning 
  • How to do it properly 
  • The importance of a cleaning culture 

The need for clean factories

Clean factories are not only appealing to the eye but also important when it comes to the safety of the workers. As correctly pointed out by many other cleaning experts, during the various processes that happen in the factory many waste products including biological wastes and environmental byproducts get accumulated within. Biological waste such as food waste, pests, and microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast will create an unhealthy environment for the workers. Environmental products such as dust, gases, fumes will also compromise their health. The biggest reason, in the current context, that makes regular cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting a priority is the pandemic. To protect the employees and minimize the spread, it’s mandatory to clean and sanitize the workplace regularly.

Plus points for regular cleaning 

A simple thing like cleaning factories regularly has immense benefits to companies. 

  • A clean environment will ensure employee safety. While an unclean workspace may create a hazardous environment for workers, especially in food industries, pharmaceutical industries, contamination may also pose a risk to health. 
  • It will also be useful when it comes to regular checks by authorities. 
  • Dust accumulation can decrease the efficiency of machinery and increase the requirement for repairs. Proper cleaning and maintenance of equipment will increase productivity, improve machine life and cut down unnecessary costs.
  • A clean factory environment will help boost the business image and reputation, creating an environment where employees are satisfied and proud to work. 

How to do it!

Factory cleaning should be something that needs proper scheduling and as mentioned time and time again, done regularly. To go about doing this properly, like any other thing in life, planning is key.

  • Factories need to be cleaned at two levels; regular cleaning and periodic deep cleaning. 
  • For whichever level of cleaning, it is always the best practice to put up a cleaning schedule beforehand and keep the workers informed so that it can happen efficiently and with minimum time spent. 
  • Regular cleaning should happen as frequently as once a day. Cleaning spills, sanitizing common surfaces, sweeping and other basic hygiene practices should be covered here. 
  • Deep cleaning, although doesn’t need to be done as frequently, should be scheduled periodically. This involves an added layer of detail such as wiping and cleaning machine surfaces, ceilings, floors and removal of bulk waste and clutter.
  • Extra care should be taken to use nontoxic and health-friendly cleaning solutions and materials. Get professional help from cleaning experts to get the job done right.

A cleaning culture goes a long way 

A cleaning culture will be a plus point for the company in the eyes of the customers as well as the employees.

To make this process efficient, it’s important to educate employees and give them the proper training that would inculcate ‘cleaning’ into their work culture. Steps should also be taken to monitor the practices and keep checks to see if it’s done properly.

It’s good to start cleaning initiatives within a company, but the success depends on employee cooperation. Communicate the cleaning principles and practices of the company to the employees and get their contribution and inputs as much as possible.

Even though the factory environment is not visible to the customers, it is the heart of the company and where workers interact with one another regularly. It is safe to say that regular cleaning is a worthy investment as it ensures employee well-being and also improves productivity! Book Carekleen today and reap the benefits. Carekleen will give you the best service when it comes to cleaning!

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