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Cleaning personality check!

What is cleaning to be exact? Is it a chore? Is it something that takes your mind off of the busy day you had? Is it something that you dread? Cleaning can mean a lot of different things to different people.  The world is full of different and unique cleaning personalities.

Which type of cleaning personality do you think you have? Check out if you fit into any of our cleaning personalities! The pandemic might just have revealed your true cleaning self! 

The “Can’t Even” Cleaner

Starting off with the “Can’t Even” cleaner. If you are a busy bee that has absolutely no wiggle room in your calendar for even the slightest bit of cleaning, then YOU are an ideal fit for this cleaning personality. With no time left to attend to personal matters, cleaning is the last thing in these individuals’ minds. If you are someone that is extremely busy running after your kids and tending to your family or having tons of office work or school work then you’d know what it’s like to be a “Can’t Even”. Lucky for you! There are great cleaning services like Carekleen that can simply help you tidy your home and take off the burden of cleaning from your already heavy shoulders.

The People Pleaser Cleaner

Living in a country like Sri Lanka, I bet we have all experienced this type of cleaning personality at least once in our life. The People Pleaser sets aside a full day of cleaning, from top to bottom, from this corner to that. And this day is most often than not preceded by a much-awaited visit from your favorite relative or your coworkers or even someone that you barely know. What’s more exhilarating than a good day’s worth of cleaning to give your visitors the homey welcome they deserve. After all, we Sri Lankans are quite famous around the world for our hospitality!

The Tight Quarters Cleaner

Do you have a tight-packed living space that HAS to be kept clean and tidy for anyone to get any work done? It may be that there’s a lot of furniture and ornaments or you are sharing your quarters with your buddies. A Tight Quarters cleaner takes it upon themselves to clean after themselves on a daily basis. Everything has its own rightful place and you make sure of that. You are a great personality that runs a tight ship in your living space and makes everyone’s lives easier and tidier.

The Stress Cleaner

In this modern-day and age, none of us are a stranger to stress! Finding an outlet to release stress in a healthy way, however, may be challenging. Some take to exercising, some try journaling and some try listening to comedy. All those are well-accepted methods of relieving stress. But the hero’s of today’s article are those who look to cleaning to relieve the stress of the day.

Cleaning and organizing not only helps you channel your stress and energy to something productive but also gives you your daily dose of exercise. 

The “I Need Space” Cleaner

Free space can be zen to some individuals. They become more productive and more focused when working at a minimally stacked table as opposed to a table with piles and piles of files and books. The “I Need Space” cleaner starts their cleaning ritual with one simple goal. That is to free up desk or room space and to keep things organized and tidy for a good day’s hard work. A clean workspace also gives them that added bit of motivation to get their work started.

If you feel like you belong to any of the above categories, then you’ve found your cleaning personality. You may belong to one or two or three or even more depending on your mood and circumstance. OR you might even have your very own cleaning personality. It’s not at all limited to the above. 

Hope you enjoyed the read. Get your friends and family to check out their cleaning habits and personalities as well!

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