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Cleaning and Disinfecting Commercial Spaces

The present Covid-19 pandemic which is raging throughout the world has highlighted the importance of sanitization and disinfection, both at home and in the workplace. As disinfection is essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is vital that a regular cleaning regimen is introduced in domestic and commercial spaces to protect workers and family members from this dangerous disease. This article will highlight the facts you should keep in mind in choosing a cleaning service to keep your home or office corona free.

Since this virus can linger on certain surfaces for days, it is crucial that the right chemicals are used to thoroughly clean the surfaces that people come in contact with. Apart from being effective, the chemicals used should be government certified and ecofriendly, in order to avoid harming people and the environment. As animals and children are vulnerable to certain chemicals, the disinfectants should particularly be safe for animals and children.

In order to ensure that you have obtained the services of a reputed cleaning services, make sure that they are properly certified. Carekleen is a well-known cleaning service that has enjoyed the confidence of clients for many years. As a professional service, Carekleen meets all necessary quality standards with regard to the disinfectants and chemicals used. All cleaners are trained and experienced, and safety guidelines pertaining to the proper use of gloves, masks, and disinfection suits are followed at all times to prevent cross contamination and the spread of germs. Adherence to these standards ensures that all potential viruses and other disease-causing agents are removed and clients are able to enjoy peace of mind.

Apart from the use of hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure the complete removal of germs, Carekleen uses a number of advanced techniques to clean hard to reach places that are often left untended. This includes fogging cleaning, which involves the release of fine droplets of disinfectant. These droplets settle on inaccessible places such as high ceilings, walls and the underside of tables. The fogging technique ensures that no nook or cranny in a room is left uncleansed.

In today’s environment, a thorough cleaning is vital not just for the sake of appearance, but for the health of those that are close to you. The professional service provided by a reputed cleaning company assures the safety of all occupants. As a company dedicated to environmentally friendly practices and the wellbeing of its clients, Carekleen is pleased to offer a service that people can count on.

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