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As the economy opens up and businesses struggle to operate in an environment where the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus has become the new norm, the onus has been placed on companies to ensure that their employees can work in a safe environment. The speed at which the second wave of Covid-19 has spread in Sri Lanka highlights the importance of maintaining a stringent disinfection and safety regime in combating this virulent disease. 

Offices that have been closed during the quarantine period will need to be cleaned and disinfected. As employees return to work, they must be provided with a sanitized environment that will ensure that they are not infected. As many people work in air-conditioned spaces, a single infection can cause a very rapid spread of the disease. Therefore, ensuring that all working spaces are completely free of the Covid-19 virus is key to tackling this deadly pandemic.

While safety protocols must be strictly followed, it is vital that thorough cleaning and disinfection is regularly carried out to maintain a safe environment. Since one of the main ways this disease is spread is through contact with contaminated surfaces, all areas that team members come in contact with must be scrupulously cleaned. 

CareKleen uses the hospital-grade disinfectant to ensure that all viruses and bacteria are removed, so your workers and customers can have peace of mind. Furthermore, all sanitization and cleaning products used are eco-friendly.  Being free of harmful chemicals, they are safe for children, pets, and those with allergies. CareKleen staff are specially trained to provide superior service and will ensure that work environments and offices are thoroughly sanitized.

A key challenge is cleaning hard to reach places such as ceilings and the underside of cupboards. CareKleen uses advanced ‘fogging’ and ‘Electrostatic’ disinfection techniques that convert the disinfectant solution to a fine mist in order to ensure that solution reaches every area and clings to uneven surfaces. The latest machinery is deployed to deliver timely cleaning that removes all harmful germs.

Dealing with the ever-present Covid-19 threat will involve using the latest technology and the best chemical products to deliver the most sanitized environments possible. Only by doing their utmost to ensure that their workplaces are completely free of this virus and other germs will companies be able to provide their staff with the peace of mind to work effectively and give their customers the confidence to visit their businesses.

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