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Our Business Objectives

We at Carekleen have in our 30 years of services have understood that exceeding customer expectations are of paramount importance. While this is a labor-intensive industry we have identified and understood how people skills are essential and form the bedrock of our service delivery. Being technically sound in our operations is second nature to us. What differentiates us is our level of commitment and dedication to exceeding our client’s expectations and delivering this service in a pleasing and unobtrusive manner.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 07 days a week. Our Managers are on call at all times and respond to our client’s requirements at any time. We wish to reiterate that our clients well being is first and foremost in our minds.

Service Delivery

Our Operations are divided geographically with an Area manager Responsible for each locality. Our Area Managers report jointly to Operations Managers and the Directors of the Company. Under the Area Managers, we have a team of assistants who oversee the work of our team of over 200 supervisors in turn who are in charge of the labour force of over 3500. This is in addition to the administrative and financial teams based at our head office.

Therefore when a client engages in our services, they are under the care of 4 lines of management to ensure that the service is delivered in a manner that would exceed their expectations.

Our in-house delivery fleet will ensure that chemicals and equipment are delivered to the client sites without delay to ensure smooth functioning of services. Further, we have our in-house team of technicians that are entrusted with the maintenance and repair of machinery for the delivery of our services.

In addition to the above mentioned operational staff, a team of internal auditors are deployed daily to visit sites throughout the island and report back to the Board of Directors on a weekly basis on any areas that require focus and improvement.

Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka
Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka
Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka

About Us

Our Journey

A vision started with just 30 employees, Today spans islandwide over 9 provinces, with over 3,500 employees who maintain over 7,000,000 square feet of office spaces daily.

1998 was a significant year of Carekleen with the commencement of solid waste Management operations under contract for numerous municipal councils of major cities in Sri Lanka; which include Colombo Fort & Pettah, Colombo North, Kandy and Dehiwala & Mt Lavinia Municipal Councils. Collectively Carekleen handles approximately 100 metric tons of Municipal Solid Waste per Day utilizing our own fleet of Compactors trucks and numerous other support vehicles.

Our clientele includes companies in all major industries in Sri Lanka. We have a significant presence in the banking sector in Sri Lanka, maintaining over 150 Branches of Commercial Bank of Ceylon Limited, 221 Branches of Sampath Bank Limited and over 90 branches of Hatton National Bank Limited. Other sectors include advertising, education, health care, manufacturing, apparel, N.G.O’s, airline and aviation, financial institutions, hospitality, insurance, shopping malls, telecommunication and information technology. As a result, we are present on the entire island at present.

  • Commencement of Company

  • Commencement of Solid Waste Management Services

  • Island- Wide service coverage

  • Completion of 25 years of Service

  • Completion of 35 years of Service

CareKleen - About Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka

Let your Cleaning requirements be solved for you by trained professionals, while you focus on the growth of your business with peace of mind.

Benefits of Our Services

By granting us the opportunity to provide services to your organization, your management can focus their time and efforts towards the core activities of your company, thereby increasing the company’s revenue generations. Additionally, there is a reduction in the paperwork and time spent by your Company’s Human Resources Department as to any labour replacements, transfers; handling labour disputes and meeting labour related statutory expenses are handled by us.

Expansion Into Foreign Markets

We at Carekleen are at present aggressively focused on expanding our expertise in service delivery beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. We are therefore looking to establish business partners in foreign countries. We believe that this is the best approach as we can leverage off each other’s strengths for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

The local business partner will have better access and understanding of the respective business community, thus being able to better understand their needs and requirements, this will be especially important in overcoming cultural variances; while we will provide the expertise in service delivery and labour management. It should be highlighted that with our current labour force of over 3,500 employees we will have a vast resource from which to draw only the best quality labour for our overseas projects. Finally, the end customer will obtain the benefit of the culmination of our expertise resulting in a winning position for all stakeholders concerned.

Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka
Cleaning Services in Sri Lanka

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