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A Clean Kitchen: the Heaven at Home


Kitchens are the livewires of all households. Nutrition, hygiene, and happiness; all stem from one’s kitchen. Yet, it is one part of every household that gets dirty very fast. What is it like to have a clean kitchen? How is it practical? Why is it actually necessary? Read on for answers!

  • The Horrors of an Unclean Kitchen
  • A Clean Kitchen: a necessity?
  • Tips and Hacks for the Ideal Kitchen
  • Worry no more!

The Horrors of an Unclean Kitchen

A kitchen, if not cleaned, is a nightmare. Numerous adverse effects are sure to come by in an unclean kitchen. The following are some of them.

Closeup of dirty dishes in the sink
  1. Food Contamination

Good food is clean food. While it is difficult to secure naturally good food with the advent of modernization, even the good food that we cook becomes easily contaminated when our kitchens are dirty and full of microbes.

  • Spread of Diseases

Through food, respiratory droplets, and even through touch, several diseases spread in an unclean kitchen. Dust, debris, and live microorganisms that manifest in regularly used areas are causes of these diseases.

  • Bad Aesthetics

The smell, the sight, and the feel of an unclean kitchen is disgusting, to say the least. An unclean kitchen spoils the otherwise beautiful and aesthetically pleasing home environment.

A Clean Kitchen: a necessity?

Simply, YES!

Unless of course, you want your food to be contaminated, your family to be diseased and unhealthy, your relatives to complain of regular food poisoning episodes, and your home to smell, look and feel bad, disgusting, and repelling. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Tips and Hacks for the Ideal Kitchen

Let us touch on a few simple tricks, tips, and hacks that could be of benefit to all without much hassle.

Tips & tricks for a clean kitchen
  • Worktops and Table Tops require the best of cleaning since all your food items go on them first before they are cooked. Always wash and wipe your worktops beforehand and after placing raw meat, poultry, raw vegetables or eggs. Ensure that ready to eat food are never put on worktops that have been touched by raw food items unless cleaned appropriately. Worktops are best cleaned through dishwashers but can be cleaned by dishwashing liquid and hot water too.
  • Kitchen Cloths and Sponges are a breeding ground for microbes if left wet. Make sure to dry them out immediately after use. The more cloths you have to clean different parts of a kitchen, the better. Better still would be to use disposable wipes and tissues.
  • Kitchen Equipment and Utensils need to be cleaned after use. From knives, forks and spoons to tongs, plates and spatulas, all kitchen utensils and equipment are best cleaned by dishwashers, which can be replaced by cleaning with hot water and dishwashing fluid if dishwashers are unavailable.
  • Other Hacks include blending with a bit of water and dish washing soap, in the end, to clean a blender’s contents out, using a mixture of ice, salt, and lemon to clean stains on your coffee pots, and using salt alone to clean your non-stick cast-iron pans. Mixing vinegar and salt in equal amounts, leaving such scrubbed glassware for a minute and washing in running water cleans glassware immediately too.

Worry no more!

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